Emergency Electrician 

  • Replacements of electrical breakers 
  • Troubleshooting for electrical emergencies 
  • Electrical safety inspections 
  • Replacement of electrical fixtures and fittings 
  • Installation and replacement of electrical wiring 
  • Lighting, both outdoor and indoor fixtures 
  • Electrical maintenance work and inspections 

emergency electrician – QUICK RESPONSE TIMES

At JKS, our Emergency Electricians will be there for you when an electrical urgency occurs. An unexpected problem in your home can be a nightmare to deal with. For that reason, you want to your emergency electrician to be reliable, trustworthy, and competent. JK Services is proud to have been serving Cork City and the surrounding areas for over 35 years. We have built a reputation as an industry leading electrical contractor with a fantastic record when it comes to call out times, customer service, and effectiveness at dealing with all types of electrical emergencies

We have highly skilled, fully certified electricians ready to respond to your electrical emergencies. These emergencies can range from significant inconveniences—like a power outage—to potentially dangerous situations that can develop into electrical fires, and even electrocution. When situations like this arise, you need fast action, which is why we take special care to ensure our electricians get to you in as little time as possible.

Emergency Electrical Services 

Locally Based

JKS has a team of professional electricians in Cork, ready to respond to all kinds of electrical issues. We are experienced in both commercial and residential electrical repairs and installations. Our emergency electricians are trust worthy & reliable.

Emergency Electrician

24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Cork

Our reputation for fast response times is well-earned. We have 24/7 electrical services, able to get to your property in as little time as possible with our emergency electrician team 

Emergency Electrician

Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Issues with lighting can range from an inconvenience in a residential home to a productivity-killing nightmare for a business. We can put an end to both, quickly and efficiently, and get the lights back on.

Emergency Electrician Cork

Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical problems are not always as obvious as a smoking socket or a flickering light. When you don’t know the source of your problem, we can put our range of specialist tools to use.

Emergency Electrician Repairs

If your commercial or domestic property needs electrical repairs, you don’t want to have to wait for an appointment. We can resolve your issues quickly and competently.

Emergency Electrician

Rewiring and Electrical Maintenance

Whether we are rewiring an existing system to bring it up to speed with modern regulation or performing maintenance on important electrical systems, we can ensure the job will be done right.

Emergency Electrician Cork

Testing and Inspection

There is no better solution to electrical emergencies than to prevent them from happening in the first place. Inspections such as Period Inspections and PAT Testing will suffice.

Emergency Electrician

Sockets and Switches

If your sockets or switches need replacing or repairing, we can take care of it quickly and professionally. We can also add more sockets, so you can avoid overloading your existing ones. 

Emergency – Solar

Call if you are in need of your Solar Panel or EV Chargers fixed after an unexpected electrical issue. In addition to this we also do EV Charger installations and Solar Panel installations.

Why Choose JKs as your emergency electrician ? 

More Than 35 Years’ Experience 

Being qualified and having the latest tools is important, but there is no substitute for experience. Our many years in the trade mean we can often solve problems faster, eliminating much of the trial and error that comes with the learning experience. Our emergency electrician team know what works, as we’ve done it many times before. 

Emergency Electrician Cork

Fast Response Time 

When you have an emergency, the faster it is dealt with, the better. We have a team of electricians on hand and ready to be dispatched to your location in Cork. Our emergency electricians will get to you quickly and carry out the necessary work safely.  

Industry Leading Rates 

A 24/7 electrician is naturally going more expensive that an electrician who works more sociable hours. We understand that every little helps, which is why our emergency electrician call out charges are some of the best in the industry. 

Emergency Electrician
Emergency Electrician Cork

Unrivalled Customer Service 

For years, JK Services has established a reputation of excellent customer service. From your initial contact with us to our electricians arriving at your property, you will experience true professionalism, the JKS way. 


If you need an emergency electrician, you can find our emergency contact number here. We are available around the clock and have a team of professionals ready to get to your location and deal with your electrical emergency now.

Emergency Electrician Cork

Always Use a Registered Electrical Contractor

While there are some minor electrical works that are legal for an unqualified person to carry out, many require the attention of a qualified electrical contractor by law. You are not only risking your safety by not calling a registered electrician, but you are also risking potential legal issues, especially if you are a business or public organisation, where public liability becomes a significant factor. Every electrician at JKS is registered with Safe Electric.

Even with the minor jobs that you would be legally allowed to carry out, having the peace of mind knowing your electrical work was undertaken by a qualified and competent registered electrician is worth the cost. We ensure that both our valued customers and JK Services team members are always in safe hands by always sending out Electricians who are registered under the correct bodies throughout Ireland.

How to Avoid an Electrical Emergency

There is no better solution to electrical emergencies than to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Visual inspections are the first line of defence in preventing electrical problems. We can talk you through how to perform thorough visual inspections and spot the warning signs before they become major issues.  

Having a regular inspection by a knowledgeable eye will catch issues that a visual inspection will miss. We can carry out these periodic inspections to help you avoid unforeseen electrical incidents. 

Regular PAT testing is a requirement under Irish law and must be carried out by someone qualified in PAT testing. These tests protect you from problems and potential liability with your portable electric appliances. 

Routine maintenance of electrical systems and appliances will not only increase their life expectancy, but it will also reduce the likelihood of costly problems developing.