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  • Highly trained electricians with years of experience 
  • The best tools for the job, whatever the job 
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Electrical Contractors cork – OUR EXPERTISE

JKS have over 35 years’ experience as the leading electrical contractors in Cork. Whether you are undergoing a small office fit-out, a complete refurbishment of an office block, you want to have confidence that you are hiring the best.  
We have been serving the businesses of Cork with electrical services right around the county from retail units in Ballincollig to industrial plants in Ringaskiddy and everything in between. We understand the importance of sticking to agreed timetables and budgets and have built a reputation for reliability. We are a family run business, so you will not be dealing with a faceless corporate franchise, but with a local Cork electrical contractor that you can build a strong relationship with overtime.  


What Industries do our electricial contractors cork Serve?

As electrical contractors in Cork, we have had the pleasure of serving a wide range of businesses covering a diverse selection of projects.  

Electrical contractors cork
Electrical contractors cork
Electrical contractors cork
Electrical contractors cork
Electrical contractors ireland
Electrical contractors cork
Small Business
Electrical contractors cork
Electrical contractors douglas
Property Management

Whether you’re a large corporate office in the Cork City or restaurant in Bishopstown, Midleton, etc, let JK Services take care of your electrical needs.

Services We Provide 


We pride ourselves on being able to offer the full package when it comes to electrical contracting, no matter the scale of the project. Here are some of the services we can provide. 

Electrical contractors cork


 The best way to deal with electrical issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place. As electrical contractors Cork, we provide maintenance contracts with a range of term options to suit your specific situation, covering a comprehensive selection of tasks, inspections, and maintenance schedules to give you the peace of mind to run your business. 

Electrical contractors cork

Periodic Inspections

 Whether you have reasons to believe there may be an issue, you have moved into a new property, or you just want to get everything checked over for your own peace of mind, we can offer periodic inspections to suit you. We identify developing problems, identify existing problems, and make sure your business runs perfectly smooth.

Electrical contractors cork

PAT Testing

 PAT testing is essential to the safe operation of a business. Through testing, potential accidents due to unsafe appliances or risky workplace practices can be avoided. We use a comprehensive system of visual checks and instrumentation to ensure you are aware of any potential problems in time to address them. 

Electrical contractors cork

Emergency Lighting

 For businesses—especially ones with large premises—power outages can represent more than an inconvenience; they can be a serious health and safety concern. As electrical contractors in Cork, we supply, install, service, and maintain a range of emergency lighting systems that will ensure you are never left in the dark in the event of a power outage. 

Electrical contractors cork

Fire Alarms

 Fire alarms are essential to businesses in several ways, from health and safety to protecting your business to regulatory compliance. Our Cork electrical contractors team can install fire alarm systems that will bring your building in line with all necessary regulations, not to mention potentially saving lives in the event of a catastrophic fire.

Electrical contractors cork

Emergency Electrical Contractors Cork

 When unforeseen situations arise as a result of electrical problems, nobody wants to be told it will be days before electrical service contractors can get out to them. Our emergency electrician service will have fast electrical contractors at your property in no time to get your business up and running. 

Commercial Electrician Service

Light Upgrades 

As part of our commercial electrician services, we offer lighting upgrades that can significantly improve the atmosphere in your premises, not to mention they can make significant savings on your electricity usage. LED lights, for example, can use as much as 85% less electricity when compared to more conventional lights.  

electrical contractors cork
electrical contractors cork

Commercial Rewiring

Full Rewiring and Commercial Rewiring

If you are not sure if your property needs a full rewire, we can perform an inspection and let you know the health of your electrical systems, as well as their suitability for the use-cases you are putting them through. If your building’s electrics don’t meet our electrical contractor requirements for a safe, reliable system, we can talk about performing a full rewire. Every electrician at JKS is registered with Safe Electric.

Commercial Electrical Contractors Cork

Full Installations

Industrial and commercial sector properties face considerably higher requirements for safety and redundancy than a typical residential building. Our rigorous standards and tried-and-tested methods ensure that nothing is missed, and our highly experienced electrical contractors Cork team know our way around the relevant regulations. While there are obvious quality issues you will want to consider, most chargers are built to a very high standard and things like the included features, cost, and associated packages will be more important. Talk to the electrical experts before you make your purchase.  

Electrical contractors cork
electrical contractors cork


It is easy to see the need to only call a registered electrical contractor in Ireland when something goes wrong. It is all too easy to think that, if everything is working, why waste money getting things checked out. Unfortunately, in the commercial and industrial world, those faulty electrics can end up costing your business more than any electrical maintenance schedule. 

Many chargers are untethered, and there are advantages to going untethered at home also. Of course, the downside to that situation is that you will have to carry a charging cable with you. There are two types of cables, and they are incompatible with each other. Type 1 cables are used in the US and Asian countries, whereas Type 2 cables are the standard in Europe. So be careful ordering anything online.  

What our clients say


David O’Leary – Facilities Manager
“Marymount’s electrical requirements have been completed by JK Services for almost two decades. JK Services carry out statutory inspections, general maintenance, out-of-hours support, as well as capital projects in the facility. At all times, JK Services have demonstrated professionalism and competence and are always solution focussed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team.”
Stuart Patterson – Project Manager
Sensori FM
‘Sensori FM have been working alongside JK Services for 3 years on contracts throughout the Munster Region. We have always found them to be very reliant, contactable 24/7 and their work completed to high standards’.


While there are other electrical contractors in Cork, we aim to set ourselves apart with stellar customer service and impeccable results. Our team of electricians continuously strive to better themselves and are kept abreast of relevant information, such as changing regulations, new methods, and innovative new solutions to old problems. We take great pride in our work, and we promise to deliver the best possible service.


For all your electrical service needs, whether they be minor electrical work in a small business office or full installations in large scale company properties, get in touch with us today so that we can discuss your project. You can also reach us through the contact form here on the website.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Electrical contractors are specialised companies that deal in electrical installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection of electrical systems. They may be called to carry out inspection work and then carry out any necessary work, or just to deliver a report to the property owner. Regulations in Ireland state that electrical contractors must be registered to carry out most tasks. 

Industrial electricians carry out a wide range of tasks related to the installation, inspection, and repair of equipment in an industrial setting, which could cover anything from mechanic’s garages to large warehouses. It will typically involve working with high-voltage heavy machinery.

Electrical contractors work in much the same way any other utility repair service works. If you are booking an appointment for an inspection or maintenance, you will agree to a date, and the electrician will arrive to carry out the work. If you have a more urgent matter, there will invariably be an electrical contractor who can come out to look at your problem, but there will likely be an additional call-out charge.

At a fundamental level, there is no difference between a commercial and an industrial electrician; electricity works the same regardless of how it is being consumed. On a more surface level, industrial electricians specialise in dealing with the large, high-powered machines that are often found in industrial settings. In contrast, commercial electricians rarely have to deal with anything more powerful than what you would find in a typical residential home; there is just more of it. 

The way electrical contractors charge is not as simple as a flat hourly rate. Every job is treated individually based on the complexity of the work and other variables. JKS Electrical Solutions will arrange a site visit and accurate quotation free of charge and using our experience we will advise the customer on the most cost effective solution. 

As the name suggests, a commercial electrician is an electrician who works primarily in commercial properties, such as retail outlets.