Periodic Inspection from Trusting Industry Leaders 

  • Identify electric shock and fire risks 
  • Expose overloaded circuits 
  • Highlight defective electrical work 
  • Reveal any lack of adequate earthing 
  • Ensure compliance with necessary regulations 

OUR EXPERTISE in periodic inspection

Periodic inspection involves a thorough safety check of every electrical installation in your premises. In doing so, your business is better placed to catch issues before they develop into problems that can inconvenience you or your organisation. At JKS we include a visual check to begin with, followed by a thorough examination using the latest testing equipment. With our inspections, you will also receive a comprehensive report, providing full compliance with all the necessary periodic inspection regulations in Ireland. 

JK Services is a family run business based in County Cork, Ireland. We have been proudly serving businesses of all sizes for over 35 years and have built an impressive list of satisfied clients in the process. When we carry out an inspection for your business, you can be sure we won’t miss a thing. 



What our clients say


David O’Leary – Facilities Manager
“Marymount’s electrical requirements have been completed by JK Services for almost two decades. JK Services carry out statutory inspections, general maintenance, out-of-hours support, as well as capital projects in the facility. At all times, JK Services have demonstrated professionalism and competence and are always solution focussed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team.”
Stuart Patterson – Project Manager
Sensori FM
“Sensori FM have been working alongside JK Services for 3 years on contracts throughout the Munster Region. We have always found them to be very reliant, contactable 24/7 and their work completed to high standards.”

Why Choose Us for a periodic inspection ?


Periodic inspection is only as effective as the quality of the tester. At JKS, we have fully certified, highly competent electricians who will take every care while carrying out your inspection. We aim to give you peace of mind so that you can carry on with your business. 

Periodic inspection
Periodic inspection Cork


Experience is often undervalued, but not by JKS. We know the value of experience because we have over 35 years of it ourselves. Experience can dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and repair installations, as well as spot problems more easily. 

Industry Leaders in Cork 

We have earned ourselves the reputation of being industry leading electrical contractors, proudly serving the entire Cork region for many decades with excellent customer service. At JKS, we are extremely proud of this and are dedicated to stay a step ahead.   

Periodic inspection

Fully Insured 

As strong as our pedigree is, we understand the need for assurances when dealing with something as important as your electrical systems. JK Services is a fully insured contractor with all the certifications require by Irish law.

Visual Inspections

Visual inspections do not need to be carried out by a certified electrician, but they should be carried out more frequently than a periodic inspection. The purpose of a visual inspection is to spot any obvious problems that would not need a certified worker to spot. Examples of this include the following; 

  • Signs of wear and tear or deterioration 
  • Missing parts, such as screws or covers 
  • Signs of overheating 
  • Broken installations 
  • Testing of residual current devices 

JKS Services

The Importance of Getting a Periodic Electrical Inspection in Ireland 


Electrical Maintenance


Safety is paramount for any business. A periodic inspection of your electrical installations will increase the chances of you finding issues before it becomes too late.  

PAT Testing

Electrical Installations Deteriorate

Electrical installations may not typically contain moving parts, but they do degrade over time. Inspections will ensure they can be serviced or replaced before that happens.

Electrician Cork

It’s the Law!

Under the Safety, Health And Welfare At Work Act, it is now a legal requirement for business owners to have their installations tested to ensure the safety of both employees and customers. 

Emergency Electrician

Periodic Inspection Report

After our inspection, you will receive a detailed report that will include the results of the inspection, any appropriate measures that should be taken, and a full schedule of what was inspected.

For a Periodic Inspection, Call Us Today! 

JK Services are happy to take your call when you need a periodic electrical inspection. You can reach us through email, phone, or the contact page on this website. We also offer PAT TestingElectrical Maintenance, Solar Panel and EV Chargers installations for all sizes homes and businesses.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

A periodic inspection is a multi-stage inspection carried out by a certified electrician, though the first stage of the inspection—visual—does not have to be carried out by a certified electrician. This inspection looks for problems with installations, allowing the property owner to address the problems before they develop into serious issues. It is also necessary in many cases to have an inspection in order to comply with certain regulations in Ireland. 

It involves three main steps. The first step is a visual inspection, which can be carried out by anyone. The second step is an in-depth inspection including testing using specialist tools. Finally, a comprehensive report is delivered detailing what was found, what actions should be taken, and includes a certificate of compliance. 

The first part of the inspection is a visual check-up. This can be carried out by anyone, as it is primarily concerned with finding obvious problems, such as signs of overheating, or missing parts. This stage also involves a testing of the breakers and RCDs in the fuse board. The next step, which involves far more in-depth inspection requires a certified electrician with the appropriate tools. It is a legal requirement that this step be carried out by someone who is qualified to do so. 

It helps to identify developing problems with electrical systems before they become serious problems. Electrical components do not always give obvious signs when there is a problem, especially to the untrained eye. An inspection will increase the chances that you catch these issues early on. It is also a legal requirement in Ireland. 

Though there is some leeway in residential properties, five years is often the maximum interval for several types of commercial property. There are smaller intervals, however, with leisure complexes requiring inspection every three years, and laundrettes requiring them every one year. 

In the initial visual inspection, the tester will look for signs of overheating, missing pieces (such as screws), breakages, and general wear and tear. In the second stage, the electrician will utilise a range of tools to test the installations in the property, looking for problems that a visual inspection would not be able to expose. 

Though the price will vary depending on who your electrical contractor is and the size of the property, you can expect the cost of a typical inspection to be between €400 and €600. 

It is compulsory to have tests on your electrical systems if you are running a business. This includes things like renting property. That property would need testing to ensure the safety of your tenants. 

Signs of obvious damage or overheating will naturally result in failure. Other situations where your home would fail include faulty breakers and RCDs, as well as discrepancies with the electrical system when tested. 

The most significant problems you can run into because of a periodic inspection are ones that involve the wiring in your home or your fuse board. These problems often require substantial and disruptive work to put right.