Leading Electrical Maintenance Contractors 

  • Ensure safer usage, reduce risk of future problems 
  • Protect expensive equipment from electrical damage
  • Ensure your system meets all regulatory requirements 
  • Bring your energy costs down with more efficient systems

Experts in electrical maintenance

JK Services a family-run electrical maintenance business that has been proudly serving the Co.Cork for over three decades. During this time, we have taken care of our client’s needs, whether they be large commercial electrical maintenance projects, electrical plant maintenance in an industrial setting, or residential work for property management companies.  

When choosing a company to handle your electrical systems, we strongly recommend that you choose one with experience—especially if you are dealing with commercial or industrial systems. At JKS all electricians are registered with Safe Electric.

Electrical systems are not just costly when they go wrong, but dangerous as well. And, while knowledge and training are also an integral part of any good electrical contractor, a wealth of experience can mean the difference between intuitively spotting a problem or recognising the signs of something that isn’t immediately obvious and missing something that could be problematic at a later date. 


What our clients say


David O’Leary – Facilities Manager
“Marymount’s electrical requirements have been completed by JK Services for almost two decades. JK Services carry out statutory inspections, general maintenance, out-of-hours support, as well as capital projects in the facility. At all times, JK Services have demonstrated professionalism and competence and are always solution focussed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team.”
Stuart Patterson – Project Manager
Sensori FM
“Sensori FM have been working alongside JK Services for 3 years on contracts throughout the Munster Region. We have always found them to be very reliant, contactable 24/7 and their work completed to high standards.”


Electrical maintenance is a broad church when it comes to services, and we are proud to be able to offer many of those services to our clients. 

Infrared Scanning 

When it comes to preventative maintenance, we have many tools at our disposal. Infrared scanning is perhaps one of the most useful of these tools for initial inspections, part of our electrical maintenance service. Excess heat is the most common sign of a developing electrical problem, and infrared scanning allows us to identify instances of excess heat easily. 

Circuit Breaker Testing 

Your first line of defence in the event of an electrical short is your breakers. Their job is to break the circuit before an electrical short can cause damage to people or property. Faulty breakers may fail to do this, or break the circuit when they shouldn’t. As part of electrical maintenance, we can test them to make sure they are doing their job correctly. 

Power Quality Analysis 

Electrical networks change and degrade over time; an unfortunate and unavoidable reality. With power quality analysis, we can identify potential issues in your electrical network so that they can be addressed at a time that is convenient for you, with minimum disruption to your life or business. You can rely on our electrical maintenance team for this.

Transformer Maintenance 

Transformers are essential pieces of equipment that can be very costly if not properly maintained. Unlike the small power bricks you find in homes, industrial transformers have many serviceable parts, and regular maintenance will extend their life and help to prevent unforeseen fail states that could bring your operation to a halt. 

Protection Relay Testing 

Protection relays are used in a similar fashion to circuit breakers, though they are typically far more sensitive than breakers and fuses, and can be programmed with certain settings. Protection relays are ideal for identifying a problem, but they can only do that if they are working correctly. Protection relay testing will ensure they are.

High Voltage Testing 

High voltage testing is a specialist branch of electrical maintenance that goes beyond merely using higher-grade equipment. We can perform a full range of tests, such as oil sample testing, earthing and soil resistivity measurements, switchgear testing and much more. High voltage electrical systems are complex and need expert attention, which we can provide. 

electrical maintenance

Battery Testing 

There are many roles for batteries in an electrical system, from portable power to standby batteries. Naturally, the systems and equipment those batteries serve are only as good as the battery itself. We have a range of testing methods and equipment to ensure your batteries are up to the task—or identify batteries that will need replacing soon. 

electrical maintenance


Portable appliance testing—or PAT—is the name given to the process of testing electrical appliances to ensure they are safe to use. Many defects on electrical appliances can be identified visually, however, some issues can only be detected through specialist testing. PAT is legally required on portable electrical equipment used in the workplace in Ireland. Periodic Inspections are also available.

electrical maintenance

Cable Fault Location 

While it is not the most difficult thing in electrical testing to determine that a cable is faulty, it is not always as simple to establish where the fault is. It is especially tricky when cables are in walls, underground, or stretch on for miles. With our range of advanced tools, we can locate cable faults and help resolve the issues as quick as possible.

The Industries That we Serve 

Throughout our long history of working with companies in the Cork City and County, JKS is proud to have provided—and continue to provide—electrical maintenance to all industries, including, but not limited to, the following; 

Electrical Maintenance

The Hospitality Industry 

Electrical faults in a popular restaurant or large hotel can be costly to the business. Add to the financial impact the potential for injuring a customer, and it becomes all too clear why proper maintenance on electrical systems in hospitality is critical. 

We understand this importance as well as—if not better than—other electrical maintenance companies. Our maintenance plans will ensure nothing catches you off-guard, and your business—and especially your customers and employees—remain safe from electrical faults. Reduce the risks to your hospitality company with a comprehensive maintenance plan today. 

Office Buildings and Apartment Blocks

Though, for the most part, large office buildings and apartment blocks operate on the same kinds of electrical systems that you would find in a typical residential home, the scale of the systems makes it a formidable challenge compared to those more humble systems. 

There is also a matter of response time. Electrical problems in an office building/apartment block can be costly from a business perspective. Our maintenance routines will keep electrical problems at bay, but thanks to our quick response times, we can ensure that there is an absolute minimum of inconvenience if problems do occur. 

Electrical Maintenance Cork

Electrical Maintenance Cork


From an electrical maintenance perspective, healthcare is an industry that covers a lot of range, from small dental surgeries to large hospitals with city-wide coverage. Regardless of the size of the operation, however, it is essential to have smoothly running electrical systems, especially as electrical failures in the healthcare industry can literally be life-threatening. 

We offer a full range of expert electrical services to all industries, and healthcare is no exception. From regular maintenance work to health checks on backup electrical systems, we can take care of your electrical systems so that you can take care of your patients.

Pharmaceutical Plants

Though people’s lives may not be immediately at risk—as they are in the healthcare industry—the pharmaceutical sector nevertheless saves lives every day with the drugs they make. At JK Services, we understand that pharmaceutical plants are not a typical product manufacturing operation. The creation of medicine is a complex process that can often be time-sensitive, and failures in electrical systems can result in severe consequences for both the business and the people who need the medicines.

That is why our range of maintenance and testing services are perfect for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Electrical Maintenance


Even though online shopping has grown largely over the last number of years, we still find ourselves hugely dependent on going to retail outlets. Whether this is a clothing shop, supermarket, convenience store, furniture store and so on , we do depend on them to a large degree.

This means that these particular stores need to be operating at full capacity for both the health and safety of customers and employees. Electrical works are a major aspect to keeping a retail store opened, for example in a supermarket ensuring all lights and appliances such as fridges and freezers are work correctly. If one of these were broken it could cause a substantial loss to the store. However, considering electrical maintenance and having regular checks will eliminate these issues from occurring.


While there are other electrical contractors in Cork, we aim to set ourselves apart with stellar customer service and impeccable results. Our team of electricians continuously strive to better themselves and are kept abreast of relevant information, such as changing regulations, new methods, and innovative new solutions to old problems. We take great pride in our work, and we promise to deliver the best possible service, especially during our electrical maintenance checks.

Electrical Installations

As important as maintenance is, it is not the only service we provide. We can also provide electrical installation services up to an including large industrial-scale systems. In many ways, the job of a commercial electrician can look much like a residential electrician with more ground to cover. Industrial-scale electrical systems are a whole different ball game, however. 

Things like ongoing electric predictive maintenance become increasingly important, as the consequences from problems that are allowed to grow are that much more severe. There is also a range of systems, networks, devices, and more that are not part of the domestic picture. 


We are always happy to talk to new potential clients, and we are confident that we can deliver what you need, be it a small commercial retail outlet or an industrial-scale enterprise. You can reach us through the contact form on the website. Alternatively, head over to the Contact Us to speak right now.

Frequently Asked Questions 

This is the job title given to an electrician who primarily deals in the maintenance work, which may be part of an ongoing contract, preventative in nature, or in response to a growing issue. 

The field can be broken down into many subcategories, however there are generally considered to be four main areas of electrical maintenance; 

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Risk-based maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance

An industrial electrician generally has the same duties as any other kind of electrician; it is just that the specifics of those duties are different due to the significantly different systems used in industrial-scale electrical systems. 

The maintenance of electrical installations is important because without it, those installations will eventually break down, and it is nearly always more difficult and costly to repair or replace something than it is to look after it in the first place. 

Maintenance technicians may perform a wide range of tasks, such as testing, servicing, repairing, and replacing electrical systems and components, as well as diagnosing faults. 

The difference between maintenance and construction electricians is mainly one of timing. A construction electrician installs electrical systems in new builds, whereas maintenance works with systems that have already been installed. 

Maintaining an electrical system is a matter of regular inspection and preventative maintenance. In other words; continually looking for potential problems and fixing things before they break.