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JK Services is a family-run business that has been operating in Ireland for over 35 years, serving clients right across Cork City, Douglas, Carrigaline, Ballincollig etc. We are proud to be rated as a top rated electrician in Cork, providing a comprehensive set of services for the domestic, commercial, and industrial markets, provided by our team of fully accredited, certified, and registered electricians. 

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation as a reliable electrical contractor with a vast array of specialties and rigorous standards of quality that ensure our work is of the highest quality. 

We have provided our electrical services to countless clients in the County Cork region, from West to East Cork.  

JKS is equipped to take on projects of all sizes, from small residential or commercial work to large scale industrial tasks, as well as ongoing electrical maintenance work. Whatever your needs, we would be happy to talk to you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. 



JKS Services

Why Choose JKS Services? 


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Over Three Decades Experience

 Knowledge and expertise are essential, but experience is also extremely valuable, and something you can’t get easily. Our long years serving our Cork electrical clients often means we can get to the route of a problem more quickly, and recognise issues that less experienced electricians might miss. 

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The Highest Quality of Customer Service

Over the years we have earned a reputation for excellent customer service, in our initial dealings right through to matters of aftercare, working with many repeat-clients as a result. We work to your schedule and budget and are open and honest with you every step of the way.

Fully Insured & Our Electricians Certified

 We are confident that the experience and expertise of our electricians Cork will ensure you have no problems with any work we carry out for you. That being said, you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that a problem does occur, all our work is fully insured, and our electricians are certified.


Rewiring can come about as part of a complete building remodel, or something more partial, such as a single room or floor. You may need additional capacity, or you may be renovating an old building. Whatever your needs, we can ensure that your wiring is installed professionally and up to all relevant regulatory standards. 

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24-Hour Emergency Call-Out 

When electrical emergencies happen, you don’t want to find yourself waiting days for someone to come out and take care of it. Whether your emergency is a matter of mere inconvenience at home or a costly disaster at work, we will send an emergency electrician as quickly as possible to put things right. 

Security Systems 

Security systems are, unfortunately, a necessity in this day and age, but a security system is only as good as its installation. We can ensure that your system is not only expertly setup and reliable but also professionally and discretely installed so that it doesn’t interfere with anything. Our team of electricians will ensure the installation runs smoothly and will result in your premises being protected.

electrician cork
electrician cork

Smoke Detectors 

The importance of smoke detectors generally doesn’t need stating, but the importance of high quality, professionally installed smoke detectors is something that is often overlooked. We will make sure your smoke detectors are reliable and—in cases where applicable such as commercial properties—up to the necessary regulatory requirements. 

Electric Shower Installation 

Electric showers provide a great deal of convenience over alternatives like immersion heater-based showers. And, in many cases, they are more cost-effective than those alternatives. Whether you need a full, fresh install, or an electric shower replacement in Cork or surrounding areas, we can take care of it for you. Our team of electricians are among the best in the business.

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Energy Saving Solutions 

There is very little in the way of downsides to being more energy-conscious. Whether you are concerned about the environment or you just want to bring your electricity bills down a bit, we can implement energy-saving measures in your property, from smart devices to more efficient alternatives to existing electrical appliances. We also EV Charger Installations and Solar Panels Installations. 

Additional Sockets 

Most people have experienced the frustration of needing to plug something in and not being able to find a free wall socket. If this is a regular problem for you, you may want to have additional sockets installed. Don’t overload your existing system with excessive extensions, which can be messy at best and dangerous at worse. 

electrician cork
electrician cork

Lighting Installation and Repairs 

Lighting is an essential part of any home or business, and, unlike many aspects of electrical systems, lighting is often an aesthetic part of the building. That is why you should not settle for a merely adequate installation, but call JK Services for professional installation and repair work, whether you need a full lighting installation or a simple rewire light switch job. 

Certified Electrician Cork 

Electrical systems can be extremely dangerous when installed incorrectly or allowed to fall into disrepair. It is for this reason that Ireland has many regulatory requirements about how electrical systems are installed and maintained. To ensure you don’t fall afoul of any such restriction, all of our electricians are fully certified. Our team of electricians in Cork are fully certified and have a lot of experience in many homes throughout the county.

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Why Should You Use a Registered Electrician? 

The main reason you should use a registered electrician is, of course, the quality and safety factor. Being registered means that a lot of criteria have been met regarding qualifications and certification, but it also speaks to the work ethic and desire to do the job right. It is also a requirement in some cases that a registered electrician carry out the work. 

  • Their work is regularly assessed
  • They are regulated by the government
  • They are required to work to certain safety standards 
  • They are fully insured 


Don’t take chances with your electrical work. Whether you need a domestic, commercial, or an industrial electrician in Cork, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. You can contact us through the website or use the contact us page to find other means of getting in touch.  

What our clients say


David O’Leary – Facilities Manager
“Marymount’s electrical requirements have been completed by JK Services for almost two decades. JK Services carry out statutory inspections, general maintenance, out-of-hours support, as well as capital projects in the facility. At all times, JK Services have demonstrated professionalism and competence and are always solution focussed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team.”
Ian Carroll – Solar Panels
Domestic Customer
“JK Services have looked after a wide variety of electrical services work for me over the years.  Whether it be emergency lighting in one of my business premises or most recently the installation of a full 6kW Solar PV System on my house, their knowledge & workmanship is exceptional. A pleasure to deal with. I am delighted to recommend the team at JK Services”

Frequently Asked Questions 

The way electrical contractors charge is not as simple as a flat hourly rate. Every job is treated individually based on the complexity of the work and other variables. They will arrange a site visit and accurate quotation free of charge and using our experience we will advise the customer on the most cost effective solution. 

A registered electrical contractor (REC) should be listed in the Safe Electric search engine. It should be noted that, in this instance, Safe Electric acts as little more than a register of electricians, and is in no way responsible for any practices or work carried out by RECs on the register. 

The way electrical contractors charge is not as simple as a flat hourly rate. Every job is treated individually based on the complexity of the work and other variables. They will arrange a site visit and accurate quotation free of charge and using our experience we will advise the customer on the most cost effective solution.

The cost of electrical work is usually charged at an hourly rate, with the cost of materials being an additional factor. Because of this, the amount charged for installing lights is largely dependent on the cost of the light fittings and anything else that needs installing, such as wiring, light switches, fuses, and more. 

It is important to note that not every job carries the same requirements regarding certification. At a minimum, an electrician in Cork will need to be RECI (Safe Electric) certified to carry out any electrical work, though some jobs will require additional certifications. 

Registered electricians in Ireland are required by law to provide the client with a completion certificate for any electrical work they have carried out with the exception of very minor tasks. In the case of minor work, the customer can still request a certificate, and the electrician will be required to provide that certificate if requested. 

There is no standard timeframe for rewiring a home. You would typically only have your home rewired in the event of a problem, a change in the capacity demands on your electrical systems, or if your home is so old that the wiring is likely to be severely outdated. It is, however, recommended to have your home inspected every ten years or so, which should reveal if rewiring is necessary.