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  • Lower the cost of your electricity bills 
  • Heat your water using only solar power 
  • Increase the resale value of your home 
  • Take full advantage of flexible finance options

Meet Your CORK Solar PANELs Experts 

One of the smartest investments you can make as a property owner is the installation of solar panels. The adoption of domestic and commercial solar energy solutions has been showing a large rise in popularity over the past number of years. Still, even an intelligent investment needs reliable hands at the wheel. JK Services is a family-run electrical contractor that has been proudly serving the people and businesses of County Cork for over thirty-five years. We are fully trained and certified PV solar panel installers, and we are ready to bring the benefits of solar power to your home or business.

Every day countries burn fossil fuels to create electricity, and while there is sometimes disagreement on the degree to which this behaviour harms our planet, there is little doubt that it does. Meanwhile, far more energy is shining down on Ireland from the sun than we use, and solar technology is the way we harness that free energy. You can use solar to create electricity or heat water directly and efficiently. Get in touch with your Cork Solar Panels experts today.


The average family* will save €400 per year on their electricity bills using solar panels on their home. They will also be entitled to a €2,100 grant from SEAI for the solar panel installation which costs @ €5,400. This means an annual return on their investment of 12% for the lifetime of the installation – not bad when banks are offering 0% return on savings!

*Example based on a family of 4, with a house built in 2002 Macroom, Cork where there is someone home 50% of the time. Figures based on a 3KW system installed on a south-facing roof.


Solar Panels Cork

How Suitable is Cork for Solar Power?

As beautiful as Ireland is, it is not known for being in one of the sunnier parts of the world. It is only natural to wonder if places like Cork City are suitable for solar power. After all, what good is solar power if you don’t get enough sun?

Fortunately, we have lots of data on how solar works out in County Cork, and we can confidently say there is more than enough sun and daylight hours. The design and orientation of your property can be a limiting factor, but we are confident we can install your system in such a way that it produces more than enough power.

Solar Panels Cork

Payback on Solar Panels in Cork

One of the most significant advantages of solar systems is that, over time, they pay for themselves. This is because you will be using less—if any—electricity from your supplier, reducing your utility bills. As a rough guide, a PV Solar system can pay for itself in as little as seven years thanks to the money you are not spending on gas or electricity. Sooner, if you get a SEAI grant.

A professional solar panel install should keep generating power for twenty years or more, so you will have long-since recouped the cost of install by the time anything needs replacing. Our qualified team of electricians are certified to install your solar panels in Cork today.


At JKS Electrical Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering the full package, from home EV Charger installs in Glanmire and Douglas to Commercial solar panels in Carrigtwohill and Rochestown, and everything in between.

Solar Panels Cork

PV Solar Panel Installers 

Our team of certified PV solar panel installers will ensure you have the best possible system for your circumstances, whether they be commercial or residential, in Cork City or further afield. Our efficient PV systems will ensure that you save money by reducing your overall energy usage.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Once you have an efficient solar system in place, you’ll want to ensure it stays working on top of its game, keeping your energy costs down. We can carry out essential solar panel maintenance and repair work on your system, even if we didn’t install it. Our electrical maintenance team are extremely reliable.

Solar Panel Service

Like any complex electrical system, your solar PV will need servicing occasionally. Servicing helps to catch problems before they develop into something severe, and before they affect your electrical usage. We can provide you with a comprehensive solar panel service to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Solar Panels Cork

Commercial Solar Panels

We understand how damaging a power outage can be for a business. In an age of ever-present electronics and computer-controlled machinery, very few organisations can get anything done without electricity. That is why we only install the best, most reliable solar PV in Cork businesses. Get in touch with your Solar Panels Cork expert today.

Solar Panels Cork

Residential Solar Panels

A problem with residential solar panels may not be as costly as it would be with a commercial system, but that doesn’t mean we take our work any less seriously when it comes to solar panels in Cork homes. We will ensure you have an efficient, reliable system powering your home. Get in touch with your Solar Panels Cork expert today.

EV Charger Home & Office

The more we move away from fossil fuels, the better things will get for the environment, and the easier your monthly utility bills will be on your bank balance. We can do EV charger installations at your home or business that can charge your car with pure, clean solar power. Contact our experts today for any questions about EV Charger installations.

Why Go Solar?

Change isn’t always easy. If you’re unconvinced, here are some reasons you might want to go solar.

Effective and Efficient

Solar Panels Cork

As we touched on above, Ireland is not necessarily known for its sunny climate, but there is more than enough sunshine and daylight hours in southern Ireland for solar power to be effective. Placement is vital when installing a solar panel, with south facing being the optimum direction in our part of the world.

That being said, east and west facing panels will still get plenty of sunlight. The shape and orientation of your roof will determine the optimum arrangement for your system, but there will be an optimum arrangement that will ensure you get the most out of your system.

Solar Panels Ireland
Solar Panels Cork

Heat Production

Solar Panels for Producing Heat

Heating is one of the most costly things we do on a day to day basis, from keeping our homes warm to heating water for a shower or bath. Even boiling a kettle uses a surprising amount of electricity. Using devices such as the i-Boost which enables you to automatically consume the excess energy generated from your PV Solar System which would normally flow back to the grid free of charge. We know this is the case with Solar Panels in Cork.  

Water heating is one of the most common uses of solar power in Ireland, thanks in large part to its effectiveness and long-term cost savings over conventional methods.

Electricity Production

Solar Panels for Producing Electricity 

Solar Panels in Cork is a rapidly growing phenomenon for all the reasons we’ve mentioned—lower electricity bills, clean energy, it pays for itself. For roof space and a price that will eventually be paid back by the solar system’s savings, you do your bit for the environment and save money. 

To make the most of your system, it would be prudent to ensure your building is running as efficiently as possible. We would optimise the system by monitoring when electricity is being used and installing batteries for storage. 

Solar Panels Cork
Solar Panels Ireland

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland


Many countries are doing their bit to ease the burden on our planet, and Ireland is no exception. SEAI—the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland—has a grant scheme in place for houses built before 2011. This grant could see you receive help from SEAI to the tune of €900 per kW of solar panel installed, with additional funding for battery storage also available. 

If you think you may be eligible for this kind of grant, we will be happy to talk you through the process when we discuss your solar PV Cork installation. More solar power benefits everybody, so don’t be afraid to claim your grant. 

Solar panel price packages



  • 2KW PV Solar
  • 6 Panel System

Establish the base for your solar system. Start to reduce your bills.

Info on package:

  • Panel Warranty up to 25 years
  • Lifetime System Monitoring
  • Safe Electric Certification
  • Inverter Included



  • 4.6KW PV Solar
  • 14 Panel System

Harvests a high volume of energy, cuts bills by a considerate amount.

Info on package:

  • Battery ready if upgraded wanted.
  • IP65 rated against water and rust.



  • 5.4KW PV Solar
  • 16 Panel & 5KW Battery

The highest standard for solar energy production.

Info on package:

  • Battery adds savings up to 80%
  • Energy app and features
  • Battery storage during day for nightly usage


If you would like to book a Solar Panel Installation, why not get in touch with JKS Electrical Solutions today? Our friendly experts are happy to take your calls. As Electrical Contractors, we also do periodic inspections, install EV chargers , provide electrical maintenance services.

What our clients say


David O’Leary – Facilities Manager
“Marymount’s electrical requirements have been completed by JK Services for almost two decades. JK Services carry out statutory inspections, general maintenance, out-of-hours support, as well as capital projects in the facility. At all times, JK Services have demonstrated professionalism and competence and are always solution focussed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team.”
Ian Carroll – Solar Panels
Domestic Customer
“JK Services have looked after a wide variety of electrical services work for me over the years.  Whether it be emergency lighting in one of my business premises or most recently the installation of a full 6kW Solar PV System on my house, their knowledge & workmanship is exceptional. A pleasure to deal with. I am delighted to recommend the team at JK Services”


No two solar power systems are the same, but as a rough guide, you should expect to pay between €5,000 and €6,000 for a fully installed system on an average residential property. This price can be considerably lower with a grant from SEAI. 

Electricity from renewable sources is the future as households move away from Fossil fuels for heating by means of installing heat pumps or electric panel heaters.  We will assess each households needs individually and base the size of the system on our survey and experience.

The two main disadvantages of solar energy are upfront cost and weather dependency. Solar power typically earns back the initial investment in energy savings, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is costly to install. Similarly, solar power is improving all the time, but it is still dependent on getting sufficient sunlight.

Solar PV is an excellent investment due to the expected time it will take to payback the installation fee and the typical life of a solar PV system. For most systems, the average operational life is at least twice the usual time it would take to pay for itself through savings on electricity.

The PV in PV solar means “photovoltaic”, and is named for the tiny cells that make up the panel. These cells are what is responsible for converting sunlight into electricity, and differ from solar thermal panels, which heat water directly.

Ireland receives more than enough sun to make solar power a valuable addition to any home or business. And with grants available for houses built before 2011, the value-add of a solar system is even more significant.

The price of installing solar panels in Cork can be roughly calculated at €2,000 per kWp plus VAT, though the exact price of a given install may differ if there are unique circumstances. That €2,000 cost can almost be halved in some cases thanks to SEAI grants. 

With typical solar panels, it takes between six and ten years to accumulate enough savings on your electrical bills to offset the cost of installing the panels in the first place. The main factors in how quickly the panels pay for themselves are the cost of electricity with your supplier and the amount you paid for the installation of the panels. Someone who has particularly high electricity rates and received an SEAI grant on their solar installation will make back their investment more quickly than someone with cheap rates and no grant.

Standard consumer-grade panels are around 165cm by 100cm, though the exact dimensions can differ slightly from brand to brand. For larger-scale commercial installations, larger panels of approximately 182cm long are common.

The best solution depends on the intended use. If your primary goal is heating water, solar thermal is considerably more efficient at converting the energy of the sun. However, solar thermal does not general electricity, so if you are looking to power your appliances, thermal is not an option.