Solar Panels Grants

Solar Panels Grants

You can apply for solar panels grants in Ireland. Having solar panels will help you save money on your future heating bills and you will also be cutting carbon emissions. Electricity generated by solar power is an environmentally-friendly energy. The sun’s power is sustainable, renewable and freely available. It’s the perfect choice for reducing heating bills in homes and businesses.  

JK Services has a highly qualified team of electricians. We provide domestic electrical services and electrical commercial contracts. We are experienced at installing solar panels systems throughout Ireland. Our professional solar energy installations are fast and efficient. And they’re the ideal solution for producing tomorrow’s electricity at reduced costs. 

Obtaining a grant for a solar powered energy system is easy. It gives you the opportunity to save significant amounts of money for many years to come. You’ll gain all the benefits of solar energy for your family’s future comfort. But not every home or business is suitable. 

Can You get Grants For Solar Panels? 

Solar panels grants can lead to significant savings on household heating bills. But they are not available for every home. The grants are being distributed by the Solar Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). However, you need to meet the SEAI’s requirements to qualify.  

To begin with, you must be a homeowner and not a tenant. You must also have moved into the property before 2011. The grants only apply to solar panels systems installed in homes that were built prior to 2011. To apply for solar panels grants, your home must not have already had assistance from the SEAI towards a solar energy installation. 

However, there is an additional SEAI grant for a battery storage unit. This can help you save even more on your household energy bills. If your home already has a solar PV system, you can apply for a grant to upgrade to a battery storage unit. The batteries have been developed with advanced technological features. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with every system or home. The fully-qualified solar power engineers at JK Services can provide expert advice. We can assess whether your existing system is suitable for battery storage. 

Solar Panels Grants for Homes 

The SEAI grants for solar panels Ireland are worth up to a maximum of 2,400 euros. On average, the cost is usually between €1,700 – €2,500 per kWp. The basic grant is €900 per kWp up to 2kWp. This means you could receive €1,800. 

It’s ideal for an installation of six or seven 2 kWp rated solar panels. You can decide to include a battery storage unit for solar power. There is a grant of €300 for every extra kWp up to a maximum of 4 kWp. Alternatively, you could be awarded a grant of €2,100.  

This is for solar panels with a rating of up to 3 kWp. And you could also receive €600 to cover the battery cost. There are grants for solar panels with ratings of up to 4 kWp. Then your grant could be worth €2,400.  

There is an additional SEAI grant of €600 if your home is suitable for a battery system. Solar panels even work on cloudy, snowy or wet days. They absorb the sun’s wavelengths as they are transmitted into the atmosphere. 

Benefits of SEAI Grants Solar Panels 

If you are a homeowner, a solar panels system can help to reduce your energy bills. A basic installation of a solar energy system consists of six or seven 2 kWp panels. It can save you an estimated €200-300 every year. You could even save up to 70% on your energy costs.  

However, this depends on the number of panels your home can accommodate. With regular electrical maintenance, a solar power installation should easily last for forty years. During its lifetime, it could lead to incredible savings on your fuel bills. The system could lead to savings of approximately €8,000 – €12,000 euros.  

And while saving your hard-earned money, you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Ireland still produces some of the highest levels of carbon emissions (CO2) in Europe. When you install a solar energy system, it will be beneficial for the environment. It should also help to improve the economy in Ireland. The country frequently incurs fines for not meeting the EU’s quotas for solar power installations. 

Why Choose Residential Solar Panels Grants? 

A solar panel installation provides an ecological, green energy source. You’ll have a clean, sustainable method of generating your own personal electricity supply. Research has been carried out by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU). It has revealed that the average home in Ireland uses 4,200 kWh of electricity in a year.  

By comparison, the use of gas is around 11,000 kWh per annum. But the cost of electricity per unit is usually up to four times the cost of gas. If you can generate your own electricity, you could save money when using electrical appliances in your home. Obtaining solar panels grants for homes helps to cover the cost of installing a solar energy system.  

The SEAI grants for solar panels are making the solar energy system more affordable for homeowners. The SEAI recommends your property is adequately insulated. You can apply for an additional Better Energy Homes Scheme grant. You don’t usually need Planning Permission to install solar panels. The exceptions could be if your home is protected or it’s in a conservation area. But always ask your local department for advice. 

What Difference does the Battery System Make? 

You could choose a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This depends on the suitability of your home or current solar power energy system. Installing a battery can help you make even more savings on your electricity bills. 

 When you use solar powered panels, the system is connected to the National Grid. A system without battery storage supplies your home with electricity during the hours of daylight. But we often use large amounts of electricity during the evenings. It means your home can’t be supplied with the total amount of electricity you need. 

If the system has any surplus energy, it is redirected to the National Grid. And you don’t actually receive any payment for supplying this surplus. But installing a battery storage system helps you to use all the electricity your home generates. It achieves this through an advanced technological sensor. It automatically detects when any surplus is about to enter the National Grid. Then it intervenes and redirects the energy to a battery storage unit. It is kept there until you need to use it.  

A battery unit can last approximately ten years. It is the equivalent of 10,000 hours or cycles. But as a technologically advanced system, it may not be suitable for your home or system. JK Services has fully qualified, solar energy experts. We’ll advise you on the suitability of your home for using a battery storage system.

Solar Panels Grants for Business 

JK Services professionally install solar panel systems in all types of commercial properties. You might be looking for solar panel farm grants or solar panels for school grants. You’ll find they are all covered by the SEAI solar panels grants for business. The business for solar panels grant is separate from the residential grant.  

The SEAI solar panels grants for business can lead to lower fuel bills. But it can also help to reduce your tax bill. The Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) scheme is designed to lower Ireland’s energy expenditure. The Wear and Tear Allowance has provided the basis for the ACA incentive. It can help reduce your bills if you are a sole trader, run your own farm or have any other type of business. 

When you apply for the SEAI solar panels grants for business, it can reduce your corporation tax bill. You simply deduct the equipment’s full price during the year you install the solar energy system, Your tax bill could be lowered by as much as 12.5%. This is based on distributing the cost over eight years when compared to the Wear and Tear Allowance. 

How to Apply for SEAI Grants 

You need to supply installation quotes when applying for the SEAI Solar Panels Grants. Work cannot begin until you have received authorisation. This can take approximately six weeks. JK Services is a family-run business that can provide you with a highly competitive quote. We have almost forty years of experience in providing excellent electrical services in Cork.  

We are also highly skilled at installing all types of green energy. Prepare for the future now with our EV Charger Installation for your home or business. There is a €600 SEAI grant available for this. if you live anywhere in Ireland, call JK Services now and we’ll help with SEAI solar panels grants applications.