Are Solar Panels Worth it in Ireland?

Many homeowners often wonder, are solar panels worth it in Ireland? We seem to have more than our fair share of damp, grey skies. But we also receive sunshine on around 260 days a year. And with a solar PV system, you can transform the sun’s power into usable electricity during any daylight hour. There are many benefits to be gained from a high-quality solar panel installation from professional electricians, JK Services.

 We can help you save a significant amount of money on your annual energy bills. You can often recoup your initial investment in approximately seven years. It could be even less if you obtain one of the SEAI’s solar power grants.

There’s a much greener future ahead for Ireland. We will need far more electricity, so it’s yes we believe that solar panels are worth it in Ireland.

Solar Panels for Home

Solar panels in Ireland operate in all weather conditions. However, on dull or rainy days they only produce about one quarter of the amount of energy they would usually supply in full sunshine. An average PV solar panel installation covers a roof area of between three and five square metres. It is a size that is suitable for homes with around four or five occupants.

But are solar panels worth it in Ireland? It’s estimated that the average home in Ireland with a solar panel roof can create up to 70% of the daily electricity it requires. And even with our Irish weather pattern, your solar panels system should still produce up to 3,000 units of electricity during the year. It means that every kilowatt of electricity your solar power system generates, spares you having to purchase that amount from the grid.

Solar panels in Ireland are a cost-effective method of generating affordable electricity. Solar electricity can save you money by reducing your energy bills throughout the year.

Solar Panels Installation

The exact amount of solar energy an individual installation generates depends on several factors. Your solar panels are inevitably more productive if they face south. This means they soak up the most amount of sun. South-westerly or south-easterly positions also benefit from high amounts of sunshine. Any panels that face directly to the west or east generally produce up to 20% less electricity than a system facing south.

There are also geographic hazards that could prevent your solar panels from performing at its peak. Other buildings might cast some shade. Nearby trees that haven’t yet reached maturity could contribute shade in a few years. Fast-growing conifers can occasionally be troublesome.

At JK Services, we offer a free quote so that our highly experienced solar power experts can advise you on the best position for your PV solar panels Ireland. We’ll also explain about the two different types of solar panels you can choose from.

Solar Panels Ireland

Solar Thermal Panels can be more suitable if you have limited roof space. These panels are designed to convert the sun’s energy to provide you with a hot water supply. It often provides the average Irish home with between half and two-thirds of its normal hot water consumption during the year. If your system produces a surplus of hot water, it can be used to heat the bathroom’s radiator or be stored in a water tank in the attic. However, this type only operates through strong, direct sunlight. On days when the panels haven’t produced enough hot water, you will still need to use a traditional boiler.

Alternatively, Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV) can generate electricity for many uses within your home. You can operate appliances, heat your hot water supply and even recharge your electric vehicle through an EV charger installation at your home. Solar PV Panels are versatile and adaptable as they can still operate even when the sun isn’t shining. It allows you to understand the amount of money you should be able to save through not purchasing electricity from the grid.

How much do Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of solar panels for the average home in Ireland now provides an improved value. It’s approximately one-fifth of the original cost from a little over ten years ago. The solar panel installation price largely depends on how many panels you have installed. The type of house you own also affects the cost. For instance, if you install a solar power system with six or seven panels on the roof of a new-build house or home extension, it could cost between €3,500 – €4,000. But in an older property, the solar panel cost might be twice that figure. This is due to the additional tasks involved such as incorporating the solar panels into your existing heating system.

For much larger systems, the solar panel price could be more than €10,000. The solar panel cost can be affected by the features your system includes. The most affordable system has 2kW panels and uses a diverter to supply a stream of electricity to your home. A system that includes premium grade 6kW solar panels, a storage battery and a diverter could cost up to €17,000 euros. There could be an additional cost of up to €1,500 euros if you choose to have blackout protection.

Grants for Solar Panels Ireland

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a solar panel grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The grant contributes towards the cost of a solar panel installation in Ireland. To comply, your home must have been built before 2011. It must also have been occupied since then. However, if the SEAI has already provided assistance to this address, the grant won’t be accessible.

Are solar panels worth it in Ireland if you are awarded an SEAI grant? It certainly contributes a great deal towards the cost of your solar panels. On average, a grant for solar panels installation might be worth between €1,700 – €2,500. There are different categories of solar panels that might affect the amount.

PV solar panels with a rating of 2kW might have a grant of €1,800. 3 kW solar panels could have a grant of €2,100. If your installation has 4 kW solar panels, you could receive €2,400 towards the cost. Some systems use a battery for storing excess solar electricity that you can use at any time. There is a grant of €600 to help towards the cost of battery installation. Electrical contractor, JK Services is one of the leading solar panel installation companies in Ireland. We are highly qualified in providing specialised installations of solar panels throughout Cork and the rest of the country. You can appoint us as your solar panels installers when you apply for your grant.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Ireland?

There are many benefits to be gained with a JK Services solar panel installation.

  • You can save money on your household fuel bills.
  • You can also help to reduce Ireland’s carbon footprint, as your installation alone has the potential to save up to one metric tonne of CO2 a year.
  • Solar electricity is a sustainable, green energy that has enormous ecological benefits.
  • Solar panels require little maintenance and can last between twenty-five and thirty years or maybe even longer.
  • Using solar energy can save you a substantial amount of money through generating electricity of your own instead of purchasing it from the grid.
  • Your solar panels investment has a reliable return of around 12% which makes it far more profitable than the 2% you might receive from purchasing bonds. And if you obtain a grant to help towards the cost, your investment is worth even more.

Professional Solar Panels Installation

JK Services is a family-run electrical contractor that has been providing excellent services in Cork and the surrounding area for more than thirty-five years. We have an outstanding reputation with domestic and commercial clients. Our fully qualified experts provide professional solar panel installations throughout Ireland. We install high-quality solar panels to supply your home with hot water and electricity.

You can also choose our EV charger installation for your electric vehicle. Solar energy is a clean energy source that can help to make Ireland greener. Using the power of the sun to provide your home with electricity will also reduce carbon emissions. Investing in cost-effective solar panels is even more affordable when you obtain an SEAI grant. For more information about professional solar panels installations, contact JK Services today. We will provide you with the advice you need and a no obligation free quote.

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